If you’re considering purchasing a Wild Irish Whistle or simply love the sound of traditional Irish music, you’re in for a treat. Brian Hughes is an acclaimed Irish whistle player from County Kildare, and has recently taken our Wild Irish Whistle range for a test drive! The results are nothing short of spectacular. In this series of videos, Brian plays and reviews each of the different keys of the Wild Irish Whistle, offering a unique insight into each one’s sound and playability. Here, we’ll explore five of these videos to help you decide which Wild Irish Whistle might be right for you.

The Wild Irish Whistle in D

In this first video, Brian Hughes explores the key of D, our most popular choice among traditional Irish musicians for its bright and lively sound. As Brian plays a variety of jigs and reels, you can really hear the clarity and volume that the D whistle brings to the table. It’s perfect for anyone looking to learn a new instrument and ideal for playing in sessions. 

The Wild Irish Whistle in C

Next, we see Brian delve into the deeper tones of the C whistle. The key of C is a great choice as it has a chirpy sound and great tonality. In this video, Brian showcases its versatility by playing a mix of tunes. The C whistle’s warm sound is ideal for those who enjoy playing both solo and as part of a group, as it will provide a rich backdrop to any tune.

The Wild Irish Whistle in Bb

The Bb whistle is known for its soft and sweet tone, which Brian demonstrates beautifully through a selection of slow, melodic pieces. He explains why this Bb whistle is really responsive, which is something you don’t often get with the lower keys.

The Wild Irish Whistle in A

In this video, Brian tests the A whistle, highlighting its deep, resonant tone. He plays a series of energetic tunes that really show off the whistle’s responsive sound, making it a great choice for those who want a whistle that stands out in a session.

The Wild Irish Whistle in Eb

Finally, the Eb Wild Irish Whistle. Brian chooses to play a combination of fast-paced tunes to illustrate the dynamic range of this whistle. The Eb whistle offers a sweet, yet powerful tone that’s perfect for trad musicians looking to add depth to their performances.

As you can see, Brian Hughes’ reviews of the Wild Irish Whistle range is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in these instruments and trying to decide which key to choose. In each video, he provides a detailed review of the whistle’s key and demonstrates its unique characteristics through his expert playing. So whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of Irish music, these videos are sure to provide valuable insights into what makes each Wild Irish Whistle special.

For anyone looking to purchase a Wild Irish Whistle, or just fans of beautiful Irish music, checking out Brian Hughes’ review videos is a must. Feeling inspired? Why not browse our selection of traditional Irish musical instruments?

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