• John O'Brien launches the newest premium whistle on the market, the Setanta Soprano

    [Brand New] Setanta Soprano Whistles Launched!!

    Watch video to hear John play Rosie Finn’s Favourite jig and Touch Me if You Dare (reel) on the new soprano range!

    Myself and John O’Brien are delighted to announce the launch of the ALL-NEW Setanta Soprano Whistle Range. Táimid ar bís an scéal a scaipeadh. 

    The Setanta Soprano Whistle is precision engineered with an excellent, vibrant full-bodied tone featuring superior tuning and responsiveness. I’ve had people buy them the minute they heard them play!

    Choose from three different fipples including the Delrin head, the all-Brass head and the Brass & Delrin head all on a stunning brass body in D, Eb or C.

    Not only do these whistles sound great but they look gorgeous, see for yourself by CLICKING HERE

    Soprano D with Delrin Head

    Soprano Eb with Brass & Delrin Head

    Soprano C with Brass Head




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