• The Phoenix Anglo Concertina - best priced Intermediate concertina on the market
      best beginner concertina
      best beginner concertina

    ​Top 5 Concertinas under $2,500 – [Nov 2019 Update]

    Top 5 Concertinas under $2,500

    If you graduated from a beginner’s basic anglo concertina and it is time for you to look for concertinas that will showcase your skill level as a player, the following is a list of the Top 5 mid-range Anglo concertinas in the keys of C/G.

    Taking the coveted No. 1 position is the all-star:

    1. Phoenix Concertina

    The best fit for intermediate players, its superior features will ensure players who have graduated from the beginner’s class concertinas make better quality music instantly.

    The Phoenix Concertina is a fast, highly responsive concertina and has been crafted using premium quality materials, including premium Czech reeds. These are ‘Tipo a Mano’ (hand-finished) reeds, made from best quality Swedish sound steel, producing a bright, sweet and melodious tone.

    Traditional Irish Session Concertina

    Their strength and brightness makes the Phoenix a great traditional Irish session concertina when you need to be heard but not to dominate and, like all good reeds, they open out and get even better with play.

    McNeela Instruments also provide a great after sales service for this instrument in addition to a 3-year guarantee. It easily tops the list because of its quality-to-price ratio. It is currently sold at McNeela Instruments for €1,395

    What we say about the Phoenix Concertina

    “For playability, sweetness of sound and affordability of price you won’t find better than the Phoenix Concertina on the current concertina market – it’s a remarkable all-rounder”

    The best intermediate anglo concertina available to buy now

    best intermediate concertina


    2. Standard Tedrow 30 button C/G Anglo Concertina

    This handmade anglo concertina uses accordion-reed but uses the traditional method of handcrafted concertinas.

    The ends are solid mahogany, has riveted stainless steel action and also uses stainless springs. The 7 black folded leather bellows is hand-built cut.

    Homewood Musical sells this instrument for $2250. 



    3. Sherwood C/G Anglo Concertina

    This Anglo concertina is fitted with Antonelli steel reeds, with six leather bellows and black plastic buttons. This instrument produces bright tone and has a fast action response.

    The reeds made of Antonelli accordion reeds are fitted into a modified reed pan.

    This handmade instrument is manufactured in England. Red Cow Music sells this for $2290.

    Top 5 Concertinas under $2,500


    4. Clover Anglo Concertina

    This 30 button hybrid concertina is on the C/G key and is designed by Concertina Connection is one of the mid-range concertinas on the market.

    With the traditional riveted brass action it gives a fast response action during the play in addition to its six fold leather bellows and bushed button holes and action.

    This concertina is fashioned with metal buttons in Wheatstone or Jeffries layout and it also has wooden ends as well as frames, boards and reed pans.

    Button Box sells this for $2400 together with a concertina case

    Image from concertina connection.

    Clover Concertina

    5. AP James Anglo Concertina

    At number 5 this anglo concertina has the features of an advance beginner’s concertina. It prides itself with its clean bright sound and its quick response.

    This 30 button concertina Tipo A Mano Italian steel reeds and handmade in England with stainless rivet action. The 6 leather bellows that has individual card pieces makes this instrument flexible.

    It comes with steel ends or solid Sapele ends and both have solid Sapele hand bars with adjustable straps. APJ Music sells their anglo concertina for $1833.

    Image from apj music

    Top 5 Concertinas under $2,500


    Do you still need our help to buy a concertina? If you’re finding it very difficult to choose the best concertina for you why not sign up to receive our Exclusive Buyers Guide to Choosing an Intermediate Concertina. 

    Top 5 Concertinas Under $2,500

    We’ll talk you through the essential features to look for when choosing an intermediate anglo concertina, especially those features most needed for the Irish concertina playing style.

    Top 5 Concertinas for under $2,500

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    You should also take a look at our range of concertinas for sale, we stock the best beginner concertinas online, we also offer Lachenal concertinas and Jeffries concertinas for sale along with modern makes such as Marcus Concertinas.

    We are very lucky to receive the occasional Suttner concertina too. Of course we are best known for our all-star intermediate anglo concertina, The Phoenix Concertina

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the concertina easy to play?

    Yes, the concertina is a very easy instrument to play. Its compact size and fixed tuning mean that any age can pick it up. You’ll find it simple to get a sound from it immediately.

    What key is a concertina in?

    Concertinas come in different keys but the most common key, especially for traditional Irish music, is the key of C/G.

    Who invented the concertina?

    The first concertina was invented by English scientist and inventor, Charles Wheatstone in 1829.

    How does a concertina work?

    A concertina is a bellows-driven, free-reed instrument, like the piano accordion and the button accordion. It features expanding and contracting bellows, a reed pan, an action pan, and buttons on each end.

    Pushing a button while pushing/pulling the bellows will raise a lever on the action pan, uncovering the corresponding valve. This allows air generated by the bellows to travel through the valve to the corresponding reed on the reed pan.

    This vibration will cause the reed to sound. It’s a bit like blowing air through a blade of grass in your cupped hands.

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    • Lee

      What do you recommend? A one and a half year old phoenix concertina (still under guarantee with you!) or a Sherwood Concertina Modell 3308?

      Lee Evans

      • Paraic McNeela

        Hi Lee, I’d recommend the Phoenix! After a year and a half the bellows will have been ‘broken in’ and the reeds will have opened up beautifully. Let us know which you go for.

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