• The Silver Spear played by Liam O'Connor

    Liam O’Connor plays ‘The Silver Spear’ on Fiddle

    This is still an extremely popular session tune and when you hear it you’ll know why. It’s a glorious reel which can really take flight in the hands of a master.

    Lucky us, so, to have had Liam O’Connor, critically acclaimed fiddle player extraordinaire, come into the McNeela Studios at our store in Baldoyle and give us this sumptuous rendition.

    T: The Silver Spear
    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    K: Dmaj

    A|:FA (3AAA BAFA|dfed BddA|FA (3AAA BAFA|dfed (3BdB AG|

    |FA (3AAA BAFA|dfed Bdef|gage fgfe|1 dfed (3BdB AG:|2 dfed BdAd||

    |:fa (3aaa bfaf|gfed Bdde|fa (3aaa bfaf|gfed (3BdB A2|

    |fa (3aaa bfaf|gfed Bdef|~g3 e ~f3 e|1 dfed BdAd:|2 dfed B2 AG||

    Click here for sheet music for the Silver Spear

    Play it with The Sally Gardens, The Merry Blacksmith, The Bird In The Bush, The Humours Of Tulla and Miss McLeod’s.

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