• Liam O'Connor plays the Irish fiddle at McNeela Music Ireland

    Liam O’Connor Plays ‘The Bucks of Oranmore’

    Liam O’Connor does justice to this legendary session tune! It’s so difficult to outdo that it’s usually the last tune played at an Irish trad session.

    This is one of the great Irish fiddle tunes.

    See below the video for ABC notation.

    The Bucks of Oranmore ABC Notation

    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Dmaj
    B|A2FA A2FA|(3ABA FA BEEB|A2FA A2Bd|egfd efdB|
    A2FA (3ABA FA|A2FA BEEF|DEFG A2 AB|defd efdB||
    ADDD ADBD|ADFA BEE2|ADED A2 (3Bcd|egfd efdB|
    ADDD ADBD|ADFA BEEF|DEFG A2 AB|defd efge||
    a2fd edBd|a2fd edBd|a2fd edef|g2fg edBd|
    a2fd edBd|a2fd edBd|fa ~a2 bfaf|defd e2de||
    f2df e2de|fedf edBd|f2df e2 ef|gefd edBd|
    f2df efde|fedf edBd|faaf bfaf|defd ef (3dcB||
    Adfd edfd|Adfd edBd|Adfd edef|gefd edBd|
    Adfd edfd|Adfd edBd|faaa b2 af|defd e2 dB|]

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