Flute Maintenance – How To Care for & Maintain Your Flute

    Irish Flute Maintenance

    Once you have purchased a polymer or wooden flute, it is essential that you provide it with proper care & maintenance. The more you take care of your flute, the longer it will last and produce a premium sound.

    It’s essential that you care for your flute properly, if you don’t, it can result in the sound being affected. When it comes to caring for your flute, there are a lot of myths, however it’s a lot easier to maintain and care for then you may think.

    How to Clean your Conical Bore Flute

    To maintain your flute sufficiently, you must ensure it’s cleaned on both the inside & outside. If you don’t clean your flute properly, it can result in the flute looking old in no time, the wood may.

    Flute Maintenance

    The majority of flutes have a rod with a long skinny hole at the end. To clean this, get a small piece of clean cloth & insert it into the hole in the rod.

    The cloth used to clean the flute should be very absorbent material, the best material for this is cotton or silk. To achieve a proper clean, put the rod & cloth through the flute a few times to ensure all the dirt has been removed.

    When you clean your flute, you must ensure that you clean all three parts of the flute correctly.

    Depending on how dirty your flute is, you can use a cloth to clean it, however if it’s very dirty I would advise that you get it professionally cleaned.

    Checking the Flute Pads

    To check the flute pads, press down a key & if the sound is similar to a hiss, then you may have sticky pads.

    Flute pads are highly sensitive & need to be handled with utmost care. To clean the pads, use pad papers.

    Place the pad paper in between the pad & tone hole.

    Then push down the key & then lift the key up, remove the paper.

    Please note, you should never try to slide the paper out when the keys are still closed, if you do this it can scratch the pad.

    It’s very important that you never clean your flute under water, water can really damage the flute and pads and can lead to long term damage.

    Wooden Flute Maintenance Kit

    Wooden flute maintenance kit showing cleaning rods, bore oil, cork grease and an information sheetTo gain the most from your flute, ensure it’s cared for appropriately. We sell a flute maintenance kit which consists of a bottle of bore oil for oiling the flute, oiling rods for access to the inner bore of the flute, cork grease and instructions.

    This is an essential pack for all owners of wooden flutes or wooden whistles to prevent the wood from drying out and splitting.

    Purchase your wooden flute maintenance kit here.

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