As a lover and player of traditional Irish music, I have had the pleasure of discovering many talented musicians over the (many) years. However, in more recent times, I’ve been particularly taken with the work of the award-winning Daoirí Farrell. This young singer and bouzouki player from Dublin has been making waves in the traditional music scene and I thought it was time to introduce you to him properly! And he’s just announced his UK tour

Farrell’s music is a masterful blend of traditional Irish and contemporary folk styles, with a voice that is both haunting yet powerful. He calls to mind the inimitable Andy Irvine, and like Irvine his bouzouki playing is equally impressive, adding a distinctive texture and depth to his sound. From ballads to jigs and reels, Farrell’s music is a true celebration of Irish culture and heritage.


A Selection of Daoirí’s Best Songs


1. Creggan White Hare

One of my favourite songs from Farrell is “Creggan White Hare”. I remember seeing Daoirí at a gig in Liberty Hall in Dublin a couple of years ago, and when he played the opening chords of this song the crowd went wild! This track really showcases his vocal range and ability to convey a story in his performance.

It’s a classic Irish ballad, telling the tale of a white hare who leads a group of hunters on a wild chase through the countryside. The story is beautifully woven into the melody, with Farrell’s bouzouki providing a gentle accompaniment that perfectly complements the lyrics.

Have a listen and see why it’s so popular:


2. The Galway Shawl

Another standout track from Farrell is The Galway Shawl. This is a well-known traditional Irish song, but Farrell’s soaring vocalisation is a masterclass in storytelling.

He sings with such passion and conviction that you can’t help but be drawn into the story of a man who is lured away from his true love by the bright lights of the big city. The bouzouki adds a sense of longing to the melody, perfectly capturing the heartbreak of the protagonist.

3. Pat Rainey

I’m also a big fan of Farrell’s Pat Rainey. With such a beautiful melody and cheeky lyrics to boot, it’s an extremely catchy but gorgeous song. The accompanying bouzouki adds that extra layer of magic though!

This is just a taster of Farrell’s top-notch repertoire, he has dozens of superb tunes waiting to be discovered; scroll down to the bottom to get a list of his albums.

His Live Shows

Farrell’s music is a perfect blend of old and new, and he’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after performers on the traditional Irish music scene. His live shows are always a treat, with a mix of traditional ballads, lively jigs and reels, and often feature fantastic guest performers (you never know who’ll turn up!).

His next live gig will take place in Whelan’s Dublin on February 20th where he’ll be launching his new album (set for general release on February 24th) The Wedding Above in Glencree

‘Daoirí Farrell is single handedly spearheading a resurgence of the authentic in Irish folk music…he is rightly in demand all over the world.’ – Irish Music

‘Only one guy and his bouzouki but the whole [of] Ireland is in there..’ – Julki Tan

‘one of the most important traditional singers to emerge in the last decade.’ – Dónal Lunny

If you’re a fan of Irish folk music & song, I thoroughly recommend seeking out Daoirí Farrell. His music is a true celebration of the Irish tradition, with a modern twist that is both refreshing and authentic. From his stunning bouzouki playing to his powerful vocals, Farrell is a force to be reckoned with and a true talent in the world of traditional Irish music.

Go see him before his tickets become like gold dust!

Daoirí Farrell’s Discography:

  • The First Turn (2009) – This was Farrell’s debut album.
  • True Born Irishman (2016) – Farrell’s second studio album, garnered high praise from many quarters – one to listen to!
  • A Lifetime of Happiness (2019) – This album showcased Farrell’s ability as a songwriter, with several of his own compositions alongside traditional tunes.
  • The Wedding Above in Glencree (2023) – release date: 24th February 2023

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  1. Farrell is hands down my favorite Irish player these days, been listening to his work for a couple years now. And Creggan White Hare is also one of my favorite. Great article on a great musician.

  2. I can certainly see why you are sharing this very talented young man's gorgeous voice with the world. I love the tunes you sent along for a listen and I will definitely be adding Daoiri Farrell's music to my collection! It's wonderful to discover new talent and to know that good music is always on the horizon in our young ones.

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