September 14, 2015

Goitse is an award-winning Irish folk music quintet, originally founded by a group of friends and musicians from the Irish World Music Academy in University of Limerick. Named Live Ireland’s Traditional Group of the Year, and Chicago Irish American News’ Group of the Year, Goitse has become a leading ensemble in the new generation of traditional Irish music.

Together, the quintet Goitse makes what Irish Music Magazine calls “Music that’s brimming with energy and creative zeal.”

With members from Dublin, Laois, Louth and Philadelphia the group has garnered a reputation not just for their individual instrumental skills, but for their electrifying ensemble performances as well as their unique compositions and arrangements.

Goitse brings an unbridle enthusiasm and energy to their music that is evident in each live performance. Their outstanding energy on stage which lifts the hearts of those fortunate enough to be in the audience.

The quintet consists of Dublin native Tadhg Ó Meachair on piano and piano accordion; Áine McGeeney from Dundalk on Irish fiddle and vocals; Laois natives Colm Phelan on bodhrán and James Harvey on Irish tenor banjo, and guitarist Conal O’Kane from Philadelphia.


Goitse: Traditional Irish Music in a Modern Era

We sat down with one of the driving forces behind Goitse to discuss the making of their brand new music video, Serendipity.

Music videos are a new concept for traditional Irish musicians, and uncharted territory for many. A well produced, high quality video can add a powerful visual element to a group’s music – evoking new reactions from audiences.

We asked the band about their own feelings on this topic:

‘It’s always important to have an online presence in the music industry, and videos are a great way to make this as engaging and as interesting as possible. For this particular video, we brought the fantastic Brian Raftery on board to produce it for us. We wanted to show Irish music in a contemporary context and Brian got to work on his side and came up with the idea for the video. It’s a fun, contemporary outlet for our music, and the story explores some very interesting ideas – a lot of which can be left up to the viewer themselves.’

And how has the video been received? It can be tough trying to please a wide audience, especially in the world of traditional Irish music where some may reject any semblance of modernity, scorning it as “inauthentic”:

‘We’ve had great feedback from the video… It’s been shared a good bit online and it’s always good for sales when there’s a bit of publicity generated!’

Why not take a look for yourself?


Inspired By Chance: New Music

Goitse is definitely back with a bang with their latest studio album ‘Inspired by Chance’.

Inspired by Chance is the fourth album release from the group, following their acclaimed releases Goitse, Transformed and Tall Tales and Misadventures.

Recorded by Seán Horsman in Ephemeral Studios Co. Galway, the album is self-produced, featuring a blend of traditional songs and folk tunes alongside and the band’s own compositions.

You can get your hands on a copy of this brilliant new album (and all the others) via the band’s website:

The group launched their latest album to widespread acclaim on the 30th of April in the Dunamaise Theatre, Portlaoise and have since been delighting fans around the country with a number of lively performances in the Dock Theatre – Carrick On Shannon, the Westmeath Fleadh – Ballynacargy, St. John’s Theatre – Listowel, Whelans – Dublin, and De Barra’s – Clonakilty. They finished their mini tour in The Spirit Store, Dundalk, Co. Louth to a rousing reception from their audience!


So what’s next for this energetic young group whose popularity seems to grow by the hour?

‘For us, I guess it’s just been one part of many exciting things that are happening for Goitse at the moment. The new album, the video, picking up some awards and being announced to perform at Glastonbury – these are all super-exciting happenings over the last while, and we’ve lots more to come over the summer for sure!’ 

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