Are you ready to embark on a journey that will transform your tin whistle playing skills?

Listening to music isn’t just a form of entertainment; it’s a powerful tool that can greatly improve your technique, interpretation, and overall understanding of the musical language.

By immersing yourself in the soundscapes created by the great masters of Irish whistle music, you promise yourself a treasure trove of benefits. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the instrument, hear various approaches to rhythm, melody, and ornamentation, and perceive how the masters express emotion through their playing.

These insights are invaluable, as they can help guide your practice, improve your performance, and inspire your musical creativity.

In this blog post, we’ve hand-picked a selection of the finest artists and their spellbinding recordings that will not only offer you hours of pleasurable listening but also serve as a rich source of inspiration for your own musical journey. From the earthy tones of Micho Russell to the delicate nuances of Brian Finnegan’s performances, this guide promises to take you on an auditory adventure like no other.

Dive deep into the captivating world of Irish whistle music and allow it to shape your playing technique, widen your understanding of the tin whistle, and enhance your love for traditional Irish music. Prepare to unlock new levels of musicality as you explore the legacy of these Irish whistle maestros, letting their music echo through your own.

And here’s one for my fellow whistle enthusiasts – McNeela’s Youtube Playlist: Recommended Listening for Irish Whistle

The Best Solo Tin Whistle Albums

When it comes to the tin whistle are many fine players to draw on for inspiration. So many in fact that I’m certain I’ve probably missed a few gems in my list below. 

These are some of my favourite solo albums, featuring recordings from a wide variety of whistle players, ranging from traditional to contemporary. There’s a wealth of individual and regional styles on display, as well as brilliant technical prowess.

In no particular order, I recommend you treat your ears to the music stylings of:

Irish tin whistle album Ceol ar an bhFeadóg Stáin by Donncha Ó Briain

Top Recordings featuring the Tin Whistle:

The tin whistle often serves as a secondary instrument for many Irish flute players and pipers, so you’ll find it frequently pops up on many an Irish flute or uilleann pipes album. Most musicians are happy to blow the dust off and treat listeners to a tune or two, showing off their prowess on both of their instruments.

The whistle is also a firm favourite with some of the greatest Irish music groups in existence including The Chieftains, Lúnasa, Flook, The Olllam and more.

Here are some of my favourite albums featuring a mighty tin whistle solo or two:

McNeela’s Ultimate Irish Tin Whistle Playlist

To make things even easier for you and to spare you hours of searching, I’ve compiled as many of my recommendations as possible into a handy Youtube Playlist for you.

Simply click play on the video below or follow this link for hours of listening pleasure: McNeela’s Recommended Listening: The Best of The Irish Tin Whistle

A Few Feadóg Favourites

Here’s a brief rundown of some of my own personal favourites from the list above – a nice mix of modern and traditional if I do say so myself!

Donncha Ó Briain – Ceol ar an bhFeadóg Stáin

“As fresh as it was over 30 years ago… a fitting legacy to a man that definitively left a lasting impression on traditional music.”
– Eileen McCabe

A skilled tin whistle player, Donncha released his debut album in 1979 – it was met with critical acclaim on its release and is still just as highly regarded today. With a bright, crisp tone Donncha’s flowing yet highly rhythmic playing brings an exceptional energy to the tunes. His musicality is evident in each track, with his airs taking on a soft, understated sweetness. His subtle playing style and masterful use of ornamentation combine to make his album a masterclass in Irish tin whistle playing.

modern tin whistle

Brian Finnegan – Ravishing Genius of Bones

‘The Ravishing Genius of Bones makes the most of Brian’s exceptional talent.’ – Living Tradition

Brian Finnegan is widely regarded as one of the most technically skilled whistle players that has ever existed. His playing is bold and full of imagination, yet somehow always delicate. Even the most fast paced of tunes can sound sweet in his care.

Brian’s 2010 album, The Ravishing Genius of Bones is one of my favourite albums of all time. It showcases the tin whistle as the astounding virtuoso instrument that it can be.

Irish tin whistle player Mary Bergin

Mary Bergin – Feadóga Stáin

‘Just about the best Tin Whistle player this century.’ – The Irish Times

Mary Bergin’s phenomenal solo albums are the perfect place for any aspiring tin whistle player to start. Feadóga Stáin is one of the greatest Irish tin whistle recordings ever made. A treasure trove of tunes and a masterclass in tin whistle playing, this album revolutionised the world of tin whistle playing, elevating the status of the humble tin whistle.

Kevin Meehan Irish Tin Whistle Player - The Best New Irish Trad Acts

Kevin Meehan – Spanish Point

Featuring sixteen guest artists in total, Spanish Point weaves an intricate musical tapestry, exploring a myriad of textures and arrangement styles, with the whistle taking both a supportive and starring role throughout. Kevin’s musical prowess shines through each mix, demonstrating both his technical ability on the tin whistle, and his innate musicality.

While Kevin definitely leans towards the contemporary Irish sound that has emerged from the Irish trad scene in the last few generations – think Flook, John McSherry Band, Lúnasa, The Olllam – there are still glimmers of his traditional roots on this well balanced and well curated album.

Irish tin whistle albums and recordings - recommended listening

More Legends of the Irish Tin Whistle

To learn more about some of the other astounding tin whistle players on my list make sure to check out the following blog posts:

If you’re feeling suitably inspired make sure to check my Irish Whistle Store where you can discover my exciting range of tin whistles for all levels of player!


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  1. Great list of whistle giants. I’ve already been listening to a lot of those you have named and it really does develop your own skills when you really listen to others play well. Keep up the amazing work in sending out these articles and in making such beautiful instruments.

  2. The A and Bb Wild Irish whistles arrived and, of course, I had to try them straight away!!! They play beautifully and they have a they keep the same tone whether playing quietly or loudly. The matt finish means I feel confident with them not sliding around, even when standing up to play. The Bb took a bit more time to get used to because of the positioning of the holes for the bottom hand but, like all things, after a little practice I was able to cover them well. Very little effort needed for the next register up too. I'm absolutely delighted with these really beautiful instruments. So glad my husband found them for me!!

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