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    How To Make A Bodhran


    What you will need (Buy a bodhrán making kit here

    16” Plain Bodhrán Rim.HOW TO MAKE A BODHRAN KIT

    20” Goat Skin.

    2 Dowels for cross bars.

    14 Upholstery Studs.

    1 Length of Webbing.

    4 3.0×20 screws for securing cross bars.

    1 Circle of 20mm elastic.

    1 Beater.

    You will also need;

    Wood Glue. (Blue Bostik)

    Masking tape


    1. Sand rim to a smooth finish.

    2. Cut dowels to length to fit middle of rim in X shape. This is to keep the integrity of the bodhrán shape.

    3. Fit dowels & secure with screws.

    4. Before varnishing allow 20mm at front of rim to allow skin to be glued to raw timber, (as skin will not glue to varnish), this can be done by taping 20mm masking tape around outer top of rim

    5. Varnish rim & cross bars and allow to dry & remove masking tape. It can be varnished with a natural finish or stained finish if required.

    6. Soak skin for 30 minutes in cold water until soft and pliable and allow excess water to drain off.

    7. Apply glue to bare timber at top of rim and smoothly draw skin over front. Secure with elastic. Make sure skin is taut over rim.

    8. Cut off excise skin below elastic with scissors. Allow to dry overnight.

    9. When dry remove elastic and fit webbing supplied with upholstery pins. These pins have to be cut shorter, approx. ¼” shorter, with pliers, so as not to protrude through the rim.

    Your bodhrán is now ready to play.

    We hope you have many years of enjoyment with your new instrument!


    What is a bodhrán stick called?

    The ‘stick’ used to play the bodhrán is often called a cipín, tipper, or a beater.

    What is the best bodhrán for beginners?

    The best bodhrán for beginners is a lightweight non-tuneable bodhrán with a plywood rim depth of approximately 4.5 inches and a 14” or 16” diameter across the head. Cross bars also help the beginner bodhrán player to position and hold the bodhrán while playing.

    Where does the bodhrán originate from?

    There are many theories on this but one that seems most likely is that the bodhrán originated from Persia and can be traced back to over several millennia ago. In its original form it was used for the act of winnowing, i.e separating seeds. This would appear to be the origin of the basic frame drum template for most of the other frame drumming cultures.

    How do you say bodhrán?

    Bodhrán is pronounced [BOW] [RAWN] – BOW as in ‘Wow!’ and RAWN like ‘Brawn’ or ‘Faun’

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