• types of flutes

Types of flutes

Types of flutes

types of flutesThe flute is one of the oldest musical instruments made by man & has been in existence for approx 45,000 years.

We have listed the different types of flutes below, this will provide you with a greater understanding of the various kinds of flutes which exist.


Directly-Blown Flute          

When playing this flute, the player blows air straight across the edge of the mouthpiece. Types Of Flutes Some directly-blown flutes, have a duct which directs the air onto the edge & the air is blown into a traveling across a sharp edge. This kind of flute is known as a fipple flute, some examples are, whistles, recorders & tin whistles. The fipple provides the instrument with a distance timbre & it also makes the instrument easier to play.


Side-Blown Flute

The side-blown flute, is also known as the transverse flute. When playing the side blown flute, instead of Types Of Flutes blowing the end of the tube, you will use a hole on the side of the tube & this is what produces a tone. When playing this flute, its held either horizontally or sideways. Some examples of this instrument are the Concert Flute, Fife & Piccolo.


End-Blown Flute

When playing the end-blown flute the player blows into the end of a tube oTypes Of Flutes r pipe.

Examples of this flute includes the Xiao, Ney & Danso.


Rim-Blown Flute

The rim-blown flute is also known as the notched flute. When playing the rim-blown flute, the player Types Of Flutes blows across the top of a tube, the tube has a notch or a sharp edge, this causes the air to split.



Closed-Ended Flutes & Open-Ended Flutes

Examples of a closed-ended flute are pan pipes, ocarina, police whistle & xun.

Examples of an open ended flute are the concert flute & recorder.

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