We all know Bodhrans are very sensitive to the weather. Why is this? Mainly this is because of humidity.

Bodhrans vs Weather Conditions

Bodhrans react differently to all types of weather. When we experience dry weather conditions bodhran skin tends to tighten up. When we experience the opposite, damp weather conditions, the bodhrans tend to soften.

In dry climates the bodhran skin becomes tight and has a tinny sound. When in damp humidity, the bodhran skin becomes floppy and like a wet paper bag.

Ideally, bodhrans require a moderate weather condition which we know is not possible to control ourselves! So here are a few things you can try to keep your bodhran happy. A happy bodhran will keep you happy so you can keep playing all day every day.

bodhran care

Bodhran Skin Maintenance Tips

If your bodhran is tight and sounds like you’re playing a biscuit tin, try using some hand cream or moisturiser of your choice to help soften it. Our bodhrans need just as much pampering as we do.

If the skin is a little loose, put it out in the sun for a short period or dry it with a hair dryer, or a bathroom hand dryer if you’re playing in a session. If it’s very loose because it has been hanging on a wall, rub the skin with a wet cloth.

When the skin on the bodhran dries out the skin becomes tight and ready for you to play. It is best to have your bodhran stored in a cool dry place.

If your bodhran needs to be re-skinned, we offer this service here in McNeela Music. You can find more information here or contact Paraic on +353 87 256 9672.


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