I’ve been meaning to do a post on this for a long time as it’s a question I frequently get asked. Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty easy to put a holding strap on your bodhran once you know how!

I’m going to take you step by step through the process and hopefully it will all be clear. If it still doesn’t make sense, I’m here if you need any more advice. Just get in touch via email, phone or pop in to our shop.


You will need:

  1. A screwdriver or Drill
  2. Matchsticks x 4
  3. A Stanley Knife or Cutting Blade
  4. The McNeela Bodhrán Holding Strap Kit



1.  First things first, get your strap and locate the buttonhole at each end.

McNeela Bodhrán Strap

2.  Using a Stanley knife or blade, lengthen the slit under the buttonhole so it will fit over the button. Be careful with your fingers as the leather is quite strong.

Close up of stanley knife cutting and lengthening slit of McNeela bodhrán strap leather end

3.  Next, take out your bodhrán and locate the two screws on the outside of the rim that secure the cross bar.

bodhran straps

4.  Unscrew one and remove the screw and put to one side.

5.  Then, taking a matchstick, insert it into the same hole.

Close up of bodhran strap

6.  Break off the top of the matchstick so that it’s flush with the rim.

Close up of matchstick cut down to be flush with the bodhran rim

7.  Get the other matchstick and do the same.

8.  Next, take one of the buttons and one of the screws from the McNeela Bodhrán Strap Set. Insert the screw into the button and screw in using a screwdriver or a drill as per the pictures below. (Yes, I’ve once again hammered my little fingernail. Perils of the job.)

Screwdriver drilling screw and button into bodhran rim

9.  Your first bodhran strap button should look like this:

Close up of bodhran strap button securely inserted into bodhran rim

10.  Repeat the exact same process for the other side of the bodhran.

11.  Then, taking your strap, position the leather end over the button and secure it onto the button by pulling it tightly into the button space on the leather end.

Close up of bodhrán strap leather end being attached to strap button on bodhrán rim

12.  Repeat with the other end and there you go! You’re now strapped in and ready to play.

bodhran with bodhran step being played by hand

Expert Bodhran Advice

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If you’re in the market for a new drum, you might be looking for some guidance. For advice on how to choose the right bodhran for you, have a read of my blog post The Expert’s Guide to Buying a Bodhran.

If you’ve truly caught the DIY bug, why not check out the Mcneela DIY bodhran making kit and learn how to build your own bodhran.

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    If I buy the new wave bodhran , can you secure the fittings and fixtures and fit the strap so it’s ready to go when I get it?

    Kind regards


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